Nov 30

Shale shaker is a widely used solids control equipment on drilling site. The performance of  shale shaker is largely determined by the performance of shaker screens. GN Solids Control manufacture various kinds of shaker screens to meet the market demands.

Shale shakers remove solids by processing solid-laden drilling fluid over the surface of a vibrating screen. Particles smaller than the screen
openings pass through the screen along with the liquid phase of the drilling fluid. Larger particles and trapped finer particles are separated into the
shaker overflow for discard.

For any particular shale shaker, the size and shape of the screen openings have a significant effect on solids removal. For this reason, the performance of any shaker is largely controlled by the screen cloth used. Desirable characteristics for shaker screens are:
• Economical drilled solids removal
• Large liquid flow rate capacity
• Plugging and blinding resistance
• Acceptable service life
• Easy identification
The first four items in the above list are largely controlled by the actual screen cloth used and the screen panel technology. Improvements in
shale shaker performance are a direct result of improved screen cloth andpanel fabrication.

GN Solids Control manufacture over 25000 pcs shaker screens every year. Screens widely used on Derrick shale shakers, Mi swaco shale shakers and many other world famous shakers.  Of course GN manufacture screens for their own shakers too.  The composite screen with long life and good price is most famous.


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