Mar 02

DFE 260 BBL trailer mounted mud cleaning system is designed for CBM or HDD drilling which need 500GPM treating capacity and with a high tank holding capacity to 260BBL.

Main Configuration of DFE 260 BBL Cleaning System

1)       2 sests DFE SCR 01 shale shaker with 500GPM capacity each.

2)       1 set desilter installed 8×4” desilter cone for second phase clealing.

3)       16m long trailer mounted mud tank with 5 compartments, Trip Tank/ sand trap / desilter tank / suction tank and premix tank.

4)       2 agitators installed on suction tank and premix tank

5)       1 set mixer for mixing function with mixing pump

Advantage of DFE 260BBL Mud System

1)       Trailer mounted tank for fast moving

2)       Huge mud tank capacity with a 16m long 2.9m wide tank.

3)       Included trip tank, suction tank,etc for better mud arrangement

A Strong Competitor of DFE in Australia Market

GN Solids Control started to sales to Australia in year 2010 with mistakes beginning but finally meet local regulation now. Advantage of GN Solids Control:

1)       GN is a professional manufacturer for mud cleaning system for CBM / HDD / Oil Drilling etc.

2)       GN has exported solids control equipment to more than 60 countries till now with better understanding of international brand of competitors

3)       There are several mud cleaning system is working in Australia which have been proved good quality

4)       GN offer customized mud system, this is helpful for clients to build what you like

5)       GN stock spare parts and even equipment in Australia

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