Jul 07

Besides Oil&Gas drilling, HDD and Piling are both important drilling works, which of course need drilling mud recycling systems. Although all drilling mud systems shares same principals, they have different characters per the different standards of mud.

  1. Finer screens for HDD than Piling

In piling projects, the requirements of fineness of drilling mud are not so high. So the shaker screens used in mud recycling system for piling is not as fine as is used in HDD. Usually grating screens are ok in piling projects, while in HDD, shaker screens are similar with Oil & Gas drilling.

  1. More further treatment for HDD than Piling

In most cases, desander as last treatment for Piling drilling mud is OK. After treated by desander cyclones, the drilling mud can be returned to the system. But for HDD drilling, there is always desilter cyclones adopted.

  1. Larger storage capacity for HDD than Piling

    see GN compact design mud system for piling

    GN compact design of mud system for piling and TBM

  2. Some cases, mixing hopper is necessary in HDD drilling projects


GN Solids Control is famous brand for designing and manufacturing closed loop mud recycling system for oil & gas drilling, HDD drilling and Piling. For HDD mud systems, lots of customers all over world use GN Mud recycling system in their drilling package with Ditch Witch or Vermeer drilling machines. Also, as simple configuration, GN Solids Control has very cost-effective GND series mud system for Piling and Micro Tunnel.



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