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Brief introduction

Shale shaker is first stage solids control equipments. In order to satisfy various system treating requirements there must be relative shale shaker to realize many customization design

Different industry and different drilling conditions require variable mud system configuration and customized design on certain items. Such as Shale shaker,in Oil well drilling mud system and HDD Mud recycling system can be said totally different. Please find following information for shale shakers work in different systems

GNZS63-3 Linear motion Shale Shaker

GNZS63-3 Shale Shaker

Different drilling rigs

Firstly, divided by usage, there will be Oil well drilling rigs, HDD rigs, Water well drilling rigs, Geothermal well drilling rigs, other civil construction rigs. Furthermore, oil drilling rigs including drilling rigs and work over rigs. And work over rigs will be divided in to 350HP, 450HP, 550HP rigs.

Then divided by mount ways, there will be mounted drilling rigs, Mobile drilling rigs or Truck mounted drilling rigs. If divide drilling rigs according to drilling depth, there will be ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50, ZJ70, even ZJ90. The ZJ”x”0 means “x” Kilometer it can drill.

Except aboving division methods, rigs also can be identified by Horse power of the rotary lift force. So there are 650HP, 750HP, 1000HP, 1500HP, 2000HP, 3000HP drilling rigs.

Drilling mud systems capacity for various rigs

ZJ20 or 650HP drilling rig matched 90-100M3/h mud systems. For ZJ30, ZJ40, until ZJ70 the mud system treating capacity will be 120-130M3/h, 180-200M3/h, 200-240M3/h, 270-300M3/h. Work over rigs mud system including 350HP, 450HP, 550HP. And treating capacity will be 90-100M3/h.

Infact, ZJ20 mud system contains similar configuration on solids control equipments. Such as GNZS83-2 Shale shaker, GNZJ83-2 Mud cleaner, Decanter centrifuge, Mud mixing pump, Mud agitator, and Mud tank lengs 10m. For ZJ30, the main parts are 2 sets GNZS63-3 Shale shakers, GNZJ63-3 Mud cleaner holds Desander cones 10″x2, while Dsilter cones 4″x10. Then also the LWF450x842N Decanter centrifuge, Mud mixing pump, mud agitators, and tanks.

XJ550HP Mud System

XJ550 Mud System

For other drilling mud systems treating capacity you can refer to GN Solids Control website. You can get sufficient information on quantities system and equipments. Including work over rigs mud system, HDD mud system, Oil drilling mud system, etc.

Shale sahkers performance on variable mud system

GNZS83-2 shale shaker is linear motion shale shaker holds about 80M3/h treating capacity, that means about 352GPM. It holds 2 shaker screens. The screen area come to 1.8M2 or 9.5ft2. GNZS83-2 can be used in work over drilling rigs mud system, shallow oil well drilling, such as ZJ20 rigs, as well as 100t HDD mud system.

GNZS63-3 Shale shaker is another linear motion shaker designed by GN. It holds about 120M3/h treating capacity. It holds 2 shaker screens. The screen area comes to 2.4M2.

The shaker screen is 630x1250mm. It is same with NOV Brandt shaker screen so it can be replaced by NOV Brandt shaker screen. Also it is the quick replacement type for saving much time. GNZS63-3 Shale shaker usually used in ZJ30 mud system, also 200t, 300t, 450t HDD mud systems.

GNZS83-3 Shale shaker is rather popular shale shaker either as separated equipment or a part of mud system. 83-3 holds about 140M3/h treating capacity.

And it has 3 shaker screens as 830x1080mmx3 the shaker screen area will be 2.7M2. The shaker screens are same with 83-2 Shale sahker all of them can be replaced by each other. And the types can be soft hook strap, PWP, and PMD type.

Different shale shaker and matching shaker screens

Shale shaker screens can be divided according to outward, such as PWP, PMD, these are pre-tensioned screen with steel frame. There are also flat screen hook strap ones, and steel frame shaker screen.

Then they can be divided according to shale shaker model. Including Derrick 500 series shaker screen, Derrick 2000 series shaker screen or can be said 48-30 shaker screen, nowadays also have Derrick 600 series shaker screen;

NOV Brandt Cobra series shaker screen, VSM series shaker screen, as well as LCM series shaker screen. Then Mi-Swaco Mongoose series shaker screen

Summarize on shakers and systems

Now we come to the conclusion. Different shale shakers hold relative treating capacity. And the shale shaker will be matched with appropriate systems.

The treating capacity and the actual drilling conditions are the key issues on drilling mud system. As we alll know, shale shaker is the first stage equipment in the drilling mud solids control system.

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