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GN Solids America LLC is the solids control manufacture full 5 stages solids control machinery that export over 60 plus countries around the world.  The GNZCQ series vacuum degasser is one of solids control machinery we manufacture.

GNZCQ vacuum degasser’s purpose is to eliminate the gas in the drilling fluid, and the processing capacity of the gas can be achieved. Degasser must be placed before the desander’s feeding pump in processing drilling fluid because drilling fluid with gas, centrifugal pump the occurrence of cavitations.  The cavitations is not only the decrease  performance of the pump but also the noise and vibration, shortened life expectancy, and will make the pump not working.


There are two points in the function of the degasser:

  1. To ensure the performance of the drilling fluid is stable, to prevent gas explosion accident, to ensure the safety of drilling.
  2. To ensure the normal operation of the hydrocyclones for desander and desillter. In deep drilling wells, gas wells and gas oil wells, the drilling rig must be equipped with degasser.

Three types of degasser:

  1. Vacuum degasser: its work principle is, with vacuum pump suction for drilling fluid, after flocculated flow film isolated gas, again by the vacuum pump pumping out. This type of gas removal effect is work very well and the treating volume is larger, more cumbersome.
  2. Atmospheric pressure type gas removal device: the main parts of machinery is the centrifugal pump and injection tank. The gas invasion of drilling fluid sent to the spray tank by centrifugal pump and in the tank to form high speed thin layer and the rejection to the inner wall of the tank causes the gas to rupture, separate and discharge.
  3. The centrifugal degasser is composed of motor, pump, gear box. It is a new kind of machinery to separate the gas from the separation principle of the decanter centrifuge.

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