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The system division

Knowing well on drilling fluids system division we must know clearly about the different well drilling. Such as oil & gas drilling, HDD or No dig drilling, vertical drilling for water well and thermal well, horizontal tunnelling, etc.

Each type drilling will have specific drilling rig. For example, oil and gas well drilling will also have work over rig. All of the well drilling will request drilling fluids system for mud recycling or purification.

Fluids system configuration

The mud system design decided by actual drilling rig, well drilling condition, ground situation, fluids property. Usually the drilling fluids system will have 4 stage. It contains stage equipments as shale shaker, desander & desilter, or mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge.

The fluids system also needs the assistant equipments such as poor boy degasser in oil/gas well drilling, the mud agitator, mud gun for mixing, also the mud mixing pump for configuring and mixing the drilling fluids. If necessary or requested by users we also need to provide a vacuum degasser.

Drilling fluids system

Drilling fluids system

How does fluids system work?

The drilling fluids will come to shale shaker and processed as first stage processing. After shale shaker there will be desander & desilter, or mud cleaner as the second and third stage. Then the decanting centrifuge will follow up as fourth stage processing.

Almost every stage equipments on the mud tank there will be a compartment for fluids processing as a media. From one compartment to next compartment usually we need centrifugal pump to provide power for drilling fluids transfering, etc.

Drilling fluids sytem manufacturer

Including American solids control manufacturer like Derrick, NOV-Brandt, Mi-Swaco, etc.; China manufacturer such as GN Solids Control, etc.; there are also Russian manufacturer like VTTV-Omsk’99, etc.

Different manufacturer hold different strength on producing fluids system. Choose correct manufacturer and appropriate proposal for fluids is insurance on the better well drilling and more cost-effective solution


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