Feb 24

Drilling mud recycling is a important part for drilling companies . GN Solids Control is a professional manufacture in China for drilling mud recycling equipments and systems . Desander & desilter are the second and third phase of mud recycling system .

Desander for sale in China

In GN ,there are several different models of desander like ZQJ series desander with small shaker with solf hook screen . Also you can choose a desander without based shaker . For some larger treating capacity mud recycling  system , GN also offer you another much larger based shale shaker for desilter like GNZS83-3 , GNZS63-3  ,GNZS83-3 and also the balanced elliptical motion based shaker is availebler .

Desilter for sale in China

GN also offer desilter for sales , like ZQJ100 series desilter can be offer difference qties of cones . You can also choose a desilter without based shaker depending on you mud request . Same with desilter , clients also can choose a much larger based shale shaker like GNZS83-3 ,GNZS63-3, GNZS83-3 , also you can choose   balanced elliptical motion based shale shaker for desilter.


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