Apr 13

Piling and deep foundation industry

Deep foundations relying on driven piles often have groups of piles connected by a pile cap which is a large concrete block into which the heads of the piles are embedded, to distribute loads  larger than one pile can bear. Pile caps and isolated piles are typically connected with grade beams to tie the foundation elements together; lighter structural elements bear on the grade beams while heavier elements bear directly on the pile cap

Piling mud equipments

For the principles , piling mud equipments is similar with oil drilling and HDD mud cleaning equipments . We just sold one equipments to Pakistan for piling mud equipments . It’s a small tank with one double deck shaker to combination a totay mud cleaning system with one desander cone and a feeding pump for desandser cone. This system capacity reaches to 120GPM . Piling mud required treating capacity is always small and mud conditions is not so strict as oil drilling mud . So a compact construction will be very important for piling mud equipments to save space

GN Solids Control starts  drilling mud equipments for oil and gas drilling and expanded to HDD , CBM ,slurry separation and to piling mud equipments based on oil drilling mud equipments experience . Please visit GN web for more news


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    GN is really a good manufacture for drilling mud equipments for piling and deep foundation industry

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