May 30

GN Solids Control will take part in 2 exhibition in Australia in 2012. Drill 2012 is one of the leading drill show in Australia and GN will bring a complete mud recycling system there which will be for show. Trenchless 2012 is the special exhibition for trenchless drilling which GN will bring another mud system there.

Custmized Mud Recycing System for sale to Australia

As the show will be end of Sep and end of Oct, GN havn’t started to manufacture the mud recycling system for show. That means you still get a choice to contact us and tell us what kind of system you like so that GN can build mud system cusmized and sale to the clients who purchased. Don’t care about the stand size because we have a enough space to show a complete system.

The Best Configaration for the Show

Treating Capacity: 500GPM
Shale Shaker: 1 Sets
Mud Cleaner: 1 set
Centrifugal Pump: 3 set
Mud Hopper: 1 set
Mud Tank: 1 set

This is the second time for GN Solids Control to take part in Australia show and GN has prepared to be in Australia with a complete introduction to Australian client. Please contact us freely for the show info or mud system for sale info


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