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Drilling mud system is working for oil & gas drilling , Horizontal Dirrectional Drilling(HDD),Coal Bed Methan(CBM),Diamond Drilling …Australia is a very large market for mining and drilling which enabled Australia become a large market for drilling mud system.

Australia basis of drilling mud system

1. Full of Coal. This is a basis of coal bed methan (CBM) drilling which will require forCBM drilling mud system like 500GPM .
2. Pipeline construction. This is a basis of Horizontal dirrectional drilling(HDD) . This will requrie HDD drilling mud system generally from 100GPM to 1000GPM .
3. Geothermal drilling. This is a basid of Geothermal drilling mud system from small system to large system .
4. Oil & gas drilling  is another area for drilling mud system . This aways in line with large Oil&Gas drilling mud system with much larger mud storage capacity from ZJ20 to ZJ90 .

GN drilling mud system sales to Australia

From last year of 2010, GN entered and exponeded GN marketing in Australia . GN500GPM drilling mud system to sydney , GN500GPM drilling mud system to bunbury, GN1400GPM drilling mud system to Kurri Kurri, GN500 GPM to Brisbane … Also GN have sales for separate equipment to Australia like decanter centrifuge , Jet mud mixier , shaker screens ,etc.
To keep on drilling mud system sales to Australia market , we plan to take part in Australia drilling show in Oct , do magazine promote, set up offices in Australia for after sales service and spare parts .


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  1. 1. solids Control Says:

    I found there are difference color on your equipments , so you can do customized drilling mud system for color?

  2. 2. solids Control Says:

    Sophia, you realy did very good job for drilling mud system . come on

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