May 24

Drilling mud tanks is using for mud circulation with drilling mud cleaning equipment like shale shaker , mud cleaner , decanter centrifuge . Also the mud tank can be working for mixing mud with mud hopper or working as a storage tank for mud . Here I will show you some reference for Australian clients .

Mud tanks for oil & gas drilling rig in Australian

Solids control system will be established by drilling mud tanks and solids control equipment .Defferent of solids control system will require for different size and quatity of mud tanks .Vern for same solids control system , the clients can choose different size of mud tanks and qutity . In oil & gas drilling area , large size of tank and much mud storage capacity will be required .

Mud tank system for HDD/CBM

HDD & CBM are two very important devision in Australia for mud tank system . most of the chince , one tank will be availeble for these area in a complete mud tank systsem .Different drilling rig will requrie different size of mud tank . a 150GPM mud tank system will require 6m long tank , 300GPM mud tank system will require 7.5m long tank , 500GPM will require 9m long tank , 1000GPM mud tank will require 11.5m long tank .

GN also offer mud tanks for other area . Like dredging slurry separation system mud tank , mining system mud tank ,Diamond drilling ,geothermal drilling,etc.Please contact our sales representative for more .


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