May 18

No well can be drilled without the generation of drilling wastes. The types of waste generated include drill cuttings, waste water, spent drilling fluids, completion fluids and filtration wastes. The contaminants on the waste depend largely on the types of drilling fluids used to drill the well.

The Four R’s are one of many ways to describe the waste management hierarchy approach and are important when considering what our drilling waste management product line consist of. The four R’s are:

Reduce of Drilling Waste

if we do not generate the waste in the first place, then a reduction is obvious. However, no well can be drilled without the generation of waste. It is possible though to reduce the volumes through a number of means including better planning, a reduction in hole sizes, minimizing washout through the selection of appropriate drilling fluids etc.

Reuse of Drilling Waste

solids control equipment is key to the reuse strategy. Solids control efficiencies will dictate how much drilling fluid is recovered in a suitable state for reuse in further drillings activities. Poor solids control efficiencies will lead to more solids entering the active system, further reducing their particle size, and ultimately resulting in the requirement to dump fluids as waste, or to dilute, thereby increasing volumes and costs, all of which have a negative environmental impact.

Recycle of Drilling Waste

after recovery of the drilling fluid for reuse, the drill cuttings may require further processing. The low temperature thermal treatment of NADF cuttings offers the opportunity to recycle the recovered base oil to build new drilling fluids.

Recover of Drilling Waste

high temperature thermal treatment of drill cuttings will generate a recovered hydrocarbon which is not suitable for reuse in drilling fluids due to “cracking” of the oil caused by the higher treatment temperature. However, this hydrocarbon is often suitable for recovery as a fuel oil.

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