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It’s broadly recognized that industry compliance standards tend to be more demanding than ever before, with new rules affecting every stage from the energy exploration chain-including drilling waste management. GN Solids Control assists you to ensure environment compliance to be able to obtain operational efficiency and economy.


1. Solids Management Equipment-Vertical Dryer


After treated by GN linear motion shaker, cuttings of liquid submissions are varying from 12% to 16%. New industry of rules require lower oil content of cuttings, GN vertical cutting dryer has the capacity to achieve liquid content below 5%. It can work while treating 30 tons ~50 tons each hour of drilling cuttings.


GN vertical cutting dryer is by using easy operation and occasional maintenance. Cutting is given through the auger, vacuum system or solids pump from shale shaker. The drilling cuttings are delivered to screen of cutting dryer with rotor speed. The cuttings are released towards the atmosphere, and fluid is pump to some GN decanter centrifuge for more treatment.


GN vertical cutting is by using IECEX/ATEX explosion proof enclosure. It not just supplies a safe atmosphere but additionally supply an operator friendly machine


2. Solids Management Equipment- Two phase Centrifuge


After GN vertical cutting dryer procedure for drilling liquids, liquids still consists of small solids. GN high-speed centrifuge will further take away the solids from liquids. GNLW363 decanter centrifuge is capable of doing reaching 3200rpm for separating ultra fine particle/solids. GN provides both VCD and glued speed control. Fixed speed is operated with soft start or perhaps a VFD (variable frequency drive) controller which has the capacity to adjust the rate of primary motor, back motor and feeding pump.  IECEX/ATEX explosion proof can also be available.


GN’s rugged, continuous waste management product is broadly requested in many drilling project domestic and worldwide. We offer probably the most reliable solids control equipment for around the globe project. To learn more you can connect with local distributor and purchase representative.

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