May 10

Recently, GN has delivered a batch of shale shakers to an international drilling company. Those shale shakers are especially designed with dual motional function to be adapted to different drilling stages.
In the shale shaker market, the most popular 2 shaker motions are linear motion and elliptical motion. Each of those has its own characters:

  1. Linear motional shakers: such shakers have larger G force and large conductance, with bigger treating capacity. Those shakers can give a direct force on cuttings. Cuttings won’t stay on screen for long. In a word, the linear motional shakers are suitable for drilling mud with low viscosity, large capacity, large solids content, containing big and hard particles.
  2. Elliptical motional shakers: those shakers are softer to the cuttings, and cuttings will stay on screens for a comparably longer time. Screen holes are unlikely to be blocked. Cuttings are more likely to stay unbroken during working. Those shakers are more suitable for mud with high viscosity, low capacity, high solids content and easy to be broken.
    In practical at the first and second stages during drilling work, the operators prefer a linear motional shaker, while in the third and fourth stages, the operators would like to use an elliptical motional shaker because of different mud condition and land constitutions.
    GN dual motional shale shaker could be used for both conditions by shifting from one motional mode into another. In this way, even for deep well drilling projects with drilling mud to be changed from WBM to OBM, the operators could get the satisfactory performance without changing to another set of shakers. Besides the dual motional shakers, GN also has linear motional shakers with 2 or 3 or 4 pcs of shaker screens.
    Shaker screens are also one of the core products GN could provide. For more information, welcome to contact GN freely.

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