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Synopsis on flow line distributor

GN Solids Control as professional well drilling mud equipments/system manufacturer can provide qualified flow line distributor for shale shaker used in oil & gas well drilling, horizontal directional drilling(HDD), etc well drilling mud system. Flow line distributor is also called flow line divider.

Flow line distributor function

 Give more efficiency to shale shaker. The drilling mud will be distributed appropriately for better processing result. It promises shale shaker higher effective vibration. Solids removal efficiencies are dramatically increased by the flow line distributor, which distributes fluids/solids equally

Flow Line Distributor for Shale Shaker

Flow Line Distributor for Shale Shaker

How does the flow line distributor work?

Flow Line Distributor to multiple downstream shale shakers. Positive sealing weir gates are removable, allowing flow per selected shale shaker or installed omitting flow. The flow line distributor/Divider eliminates the need for back tanks and shaker bypasses and minimizes the effect of pitch and heave. 

If the mud system hold large treating capacity, the shale shaker will have heavy duty. So the flow line distributor is rather necessary for ideal solution on drilling fluids processing. The flow line distributor will make shale shaker higher efficient and decrease some waste cost on drilling mud flow fall.

Mud from the flow line enters the rear of the flow line distributor (1) where it contacts a baffle box (2) allowing the flow to pass under and sometimes over before it flows over the weirs (3), and divides the liquid and solids equally between the desired number of shale shaker feed ports (4). Positive-sealing weir gates permit flow to the downstream shale shakers

More info on flow line distributor 

Flow line distributor is widely used in drilling mud system. Especially when there is a tandem shale shaker in one system no matter it is linear motion or balanced elliptical shale shaker. As well as if there are two shale shakers stand together but separated on two skids, there also should be a distributor for two shale shakers.

GN does not only we design and manufacture flow line distributor for GN shale shaker, but also can design and make flow line distributor for international top brand such as Derrick shale shaker, NOV Brandt shale shaker, MI-Swaco shale shaker. The flow line distributor will be customized on dimension and specifications on treating capacity, etc.


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