Oct 16

Repeat order on No dig fluids system

This Korean client has ordered  3  no dig fluids systems just in 6 months. They ever ordered one Fluids system holding 400GPM treating capacity. After a period operation and running they are rather satisfied on our system. Then they repeat another order with 2 systems same as former one

Fluids system for Korean No dig contractor

Fluids system for Korean No dig contractor

Main configuration on the 2 fluids system

Including GNZS83-2 shale shaker, SB5x4 centrifugal pump, SLH150-30 mud mixing pump, mud tank holds 25 m3 capacity. They still ordered 2 separated GNZJ83-3 mud cleaner for other use. 

This time the mud cleaner combined two 8” desanding cones and eight 4” desilting cones. Also holding 3 pieces pyramid screen measured 830x1080mm. this permits large treating capacity and high efficiency on processing result.

Further developments on No dig fluids system

Here now in our factory, there are still 3 no dig mud recycling system for no dig. Two are repeat order for another Korean customer, the other one is also repeated order for domestic client.

Then, here are many Fluids system in producing for Australian clients, Singapore clients, Chinese clients, etc. 


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