Feb 17

Shale Shaker is one of the most important products from GN Solids Control,as GN is going to attend the OTC 2012,We’ll take Both our Linear motion shale shaker and

Balanced Elliptical Motion shale shaker to the show.After the show,we’ll sell the equipments locally,if any Customers in USA,you can contact us to know more details.
It will save you a lot of cost,and give you the best products.

GN Balanced Elliptical Shale Shaker

GN Balanced Elliptical Shale Shaker

Learn More:http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/2012-otc-gn-solids-control-will-show-all-major-equipment

The following comes from the famous book <Drilling Fluids Processing Handbook>
The book is from USA (American)

Description of  Shale Shaker

The majority of shale shakers use a back tank (commonly known as a possum belly or a mud box) to receive drilling fluid from the flowline (Figure 7.3). Drilling fluid  flows over a weir and is evenly distributed tothe screening surface, or deck. The screen(s) are mounted in a basket that vibrates to assist the throughput of drilling fluid and the movement ofseparated solids. The basket rests on vibration isolator members, such as helical springs, air springs, or rubber float mounts. The vibration

isolation members are supported by the skid. Below the basket, a collection pan (or bed) is used to channel the screen underflow to the active system.


A shale shaker’s capacity has been reached when excessive amounts of drilling fluid (or drilling-fluid liquid phase) first begins discharging over the end of the shaker. The capacity is determined by the combination of two factors: 1. The fluid limit is the maximum fluid flow rate that can be processed through the shaker screen.2. The solids limit is the maximum amount of solids that can be conveyed off of the end of the shaker.


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