Jan 22

There are many supplier for Shale shaker in China , also many of them do supply frame screen shaker . Here I ‘d like to introduce of GN frame screen shaker which is a Chinese manufacture of solids control equipments .

GNZS63-3 Frame Screen shaker in GN

GNZS63-3 shale shaker is working with frame screen here , also you can choose frame pyramid screen as  you like . The frame screen size is 630x1250mm with 3 pcs screen each shaker . Two Italy Oli Brand 1.5kw vibrator motor with 7.0G forth  and capacity reaches to 528GPM . The screen box for this frame size of shaker  is consisted of soft (hard) edge enhanced screen, horizontally stretched, and is stretched by bolts, which can ensure the safety of the screen with well logging reliable performance and easy operation.

China manufacture of frame screen shaker with API Certificate

GN is a few of manufacture that have passed API certificate in China for solids control equipment like shale shaker . You can find more information in our web as GN Solids Control


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