May 19

Gas buster breif  introduction

Gas buster , we also name it as poor boy degasser or mud gas separator . Drilling fluid gas buster is the first stage professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. It is mainly used to remove the big bubbles with the diameter of about ≥Φ3mm.Most of these bubbles are the expanded gas filled in the drilling fluid in annular of wellbore. It would cause well kick if mot to remove it timely.

Operation principle for gas buster

Drilling fluid with gas invades goes into the gas buster at the import tangentially and drops to a series baffles along the inner wall. After collision to increasing the contact area, It flows downward and become to a turbulent state which makes gas separate from mud and the free gas passes through the top of tank and discharged from the gas export. The length of gas export pipe can be determined at site and be induced to the safe place. The drilling fluid without gas will flow into the circular tank.

Gas buster always working togther with flare ignition device for burning   the gas separated from the gas buster . GN also manufacturer a complete line of solids control system like shale shaker , mud cleaner , vacuum degasser , decanter centrifuge , feeding pumps , mud tanks , mud agitator , etc .


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  1. 1. solids Control Says:

    You mean Gas buster named poor boy degasser also? I thouth it was vacuum degasser , thank you for your info

  2. 2. mud system Says:

    I am looking for 2 sets gas buster for natural gas , how can I contact with you?

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