Nov 10

A complate mud system will including shale shaker , desander , desilter, centrifugal pump, recycling mud tank, mixing mud tank , mixing hopper, mixing pump , mud agitator, electrical control panel, walkway with gratings, etc.

Gratings for Walkway

Normally supplier will choose steel material for gavanized grattings on walkway, its strengh enough and heavy. After studied many end user’s application, which a fast moving and lighger will be very important for clients for moving a whole mud system from jobsite to jobsite. GN have a new material for gratings-Glass Reinforced Plastic Grating. This kind of grating is very light and strengh strong enough to hold people on top of walkway.

GN Solids Control is a Chinese supplier for mud recycling system specied on HDD and CBM drilling, which require mud system can be moving very fast without crane will be a top choice. We have been working on this kind of design for many years expierence and assure a suitable application for clients. Pls contact us for inqury


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