May 04

Do you have a liquid mud plant? Do you use mud tanks? Do you have some challenges to clean your mud tanks after using them? How do you solve this problem? GN now have a solution: an automatic tank cleaning system
Many people are faced to such questions, and lots of them are enduring an unhappy experience with the tank cleaning works. There is so much wet dirt with different components settled onto the bottom of mud tanks, especially in the corners. For example, in a drilling rig solids control system, a lot of mud agitators and mud guns are running day and night for stirring up the drilling fluids from settling down to the bottom. But none object can avoid the gravity, that’s why there is always some sediment left in the tanks to be clean, especially in the shaker tank, in where the drilling mud contains a big portion of solid particles. Although, in some projects, the shaker tanks are customized into different shapes, like a triangle bottom or an oval one, which helps to reduce the sediment volume a bit, at an obvious storage capacity loss.
In order to help solve this problem, GN Solids Control has designed and put into reality an automatic tank cleaning system. It has a high pressure washing device to flush out the sediment inside tanks, and pumped to a separation device. The discharged materials are much dryer and easier for transportation, and more important, they are outside the tank. By adding some chemicals into the sediments, the solids phase and liquid phase could be leveled and some specially made separator is used to separate them from each other. GN also has a further separation device to divide oil from water.
GN Solids Control is leading brand for many kinds of separation, like the mud recycling system for oil and gas, HDD, TBM and CBM, the oily sludge separation and the drilling cuttings waste management and also drilling fluids’ separation.


written by shale shaker

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