Sep 29

Just days ago, GN Solids Control has finished the fabrication of a new mud recycling system for a drilling rig in domestic China. This system is not designed with a big capacity, but it has full separation equipment as a solids control system, as complete as it could, with following equipment:

  1. GNZS-703F shale shaker, 2 sets. GNZS-703F is especially designed for the oil and gas industry’s solids control applications. It has 3 pieces of composite material frame shaker screens, mesh cloths are made of high quality stainless steel SS316L. The special sealing design of GN’s patent helps a lot for avoiding the leaking of shaker. Besides this shaker model, GN also has another model for oil and gas drilling projects, with 4 pcs of shaker screens for a longer mud route and a bigger treating capacity. And GN has several other shaker models, including double deck shaker and mini shaker, all equipped with composite material frame screens as per API RP 13C standard.
  2. GNZJ-752F-2S Desander 1 set. It is a desander for a 1000GPM capacity, with a small underflow shaker. The desander is used for separating out the particles between 40 to 70 microns, normally, hydrocyclones larger than 8 inch diameter are called desanders, while smaller than 6 inch diameter are so called desilters. GN always use 10 inch desanders, and based on system requested treating capacity, quantities are always 1 set, 2 sets or 3.
  3. GNZJ-752-12N Desilter 1 set. The general structure of this desilter with underflow shaker is same as the desander, just with smaller size hydrocyclones. It is used for treating out particles larger than 20 microns.
  4. GNLW452 decanter centrifuge. It is a big bowl centrifuge with a small length diameter ratio. It is an economic model, serving a middle speed, for separating out particles between 5 to 7 microns.
    All above mentioned equipment, alongside with a mixing unit, are located on 2 mud tanks as a complete system. If you have same need or need other customized mud systems, welcome to contact us freely.

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