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As a sales for the China Top solids control manufacturer and one of the world top brands for solids control and waste management equipments and systems, most of my clients are professionals in this industry. From them I have learnt a lot of knowledge in this field.

But sometimes, I am also asked questions like what is solids control and what the system used for, those questions are from my family or friends, sometimes from the clients who just enter this industry.

Simply speaking, when drilling rig is working, it need driling liquid to go into well to help lubricate the drilling bid and bring out drilling cuttings. And drilling liquid need to be recycled as much as possible. But before the drilling liquid enter to the system, the drilling cuttings should be separated out as much as possible.

Solids control system is used to separate out the cuttings, by means of 5 steps of clarification or separation, respectively:

  1. shale shaker, cutting particle larger than 100 microns

  2. vacuum degasser, the bubbles in mud are separated,

  3. desander cones for separating larger than 40 microns particles

  4. desilter cones for separating larger than 20 micron particles.

  5. solids control centrifuge



    , to recover barite and separate fine particles.

Pumps are used to transfer the liquid from one tank to next equipment, like the centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding the desander cones and desilter cones. Submersible slurry pump or screw pump are used for feeding the centrifuge.

Mud guns and mud agitators prevent the liquid from setttling to the tank bottom and in some cases, the mud guns also play a role as transporting the mud from one tank to another.

Jet mud mixer is used for adding new necessary chemicals into the drilling mud. And the jet mud mixer need centrifugal pumps to feed it.

GN can produce all above mentioned equipments and mud tanks, including the electric control for the complete system, for drilling rigs capacities ranging from 250HP to 3000HP.


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