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GN Solids America LLC is established in 2013. It is the first solids control along with drilling waste management producer from China who establish 1 USA branch company. While using fast development, GN Solids America is widely known through North America and To the south America.
GN Houston department company also has many decanter centrifuge and shakers inside stock, as well as cuttings dryer. Many replacement shaker displays such as Mongoose, King Cobra, VSM-300 are also storaged throughout Houston for fast supply.
Recently, GN Solids America LLC got many questions on decanter centrifuge, the next shows the rough distancing process:
Our client will certainly set up a primary jaw crusher to refuse the ore to minus 1 . a few inches, then they will take care of all the feldespar material -1. 5 inch to a side to side impactor on a closed outlet with a screen to have the content passing 4 mesh the following with help of water. After this GN come in with our tools, at this point our client desire a product for a costumer -4 mesh x + 13 mesh, all this size can leave the line as a product or service.

GN Centrifuge and Shaker
The rest of the run of the feldespar -14 mesh will have to be desilted on GN solids control secondary gear and be cut to -250 mesh or -270 nylon uppers ( 14x-270) this is an additional product and will leave the cloths line and be stacked also by means of conveyor means.
The rest which can be -270 mesh is considered Kaolin clay. This will be treated within GN machines like we perform with mud cyclone that centrifuge it and dry out it.
GN decanter centrifuge can help to separate the solids that larger than 2~5 microns, so all the solids that will below -270 mesh could be separate out. And for the initial phase separation, GN will use opening mesh shaker projection screens to separate those large dust, while for the smaller solids, GN can use desilter cyclones to help separated them out.


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