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Desander and Desilter are widely used solids control equipment in various drilling projects. In the business communication, many of our clients tell us their requirements, and then we could suggest equipments even complete system to them. Today, we would like to tell you how to choose the proper desanders and desilters for your projects. What’s the cones number would fit your project? Is it better with or without a under flow shale shaker?

We can not propose the desander or desilter without knowing the total treating capacity of the mud system. Here, we could give an example, for a 500 GPM mud system, we could choose 1 No 10″ desander cyclone and 8 Nos 4″ desilter cyclone. GN desander cyclone treating capacity is 528GPM per set while the desilter cyclone is max 75GPM per set.

GN design 2 types desander/desilter with under fluids shaker or without under fluids shaker. If the user need the drilling mud more dryer, we could install a underflow shaker below the cyclone with corresponding fine mesh shaker screen. But we should take the treating capacity into consideration when design the under fluids shaker. When the flow rate is over 500GPM, it will be better for us to choose a shaker with large area screen, even 2 or 3 screen panels.

There is a combination equipment called mud cleaner we often proposed to our clients. It is combined by desander cyclone, desilter cyclone and large area under fluids shaker. Compact structure and powerful function are the main fetures of mud cleaner. GN Solids Control has various treating capacity desander and desilter. Please contact us for more info.



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