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In many countries in the world, even in the northern global, it is early spring now. But in some places in the world, like Russia, it is still extremely cold winter. In the snowy world, GN’s equipments and systems easily caught the eyes.

This is the picture of working jobsite of GN Solids Control’s drilling cuttings management system operating in a world famous service company’s site. This company ordered 4 sets of same systems from GN in autumn of year 2014 and those systems were delivered in November from GN factory near Beijing, China. Now all of the 4 sets systems arrived to jobsite and under commissioning by GN engineers.

GN waste management system

GN drilling cuttings management system

For such systems, GN has standard design, and similar systems have been used in many countries and places in the world, including the high temperature places, like Kuwait, Iraq and etc where the temperature in summer could reach 60 degrees centigrade, and frozen places like Russia where the temperature in winter could reach minus 40 degrees centigrade, GN’s equipments conquered all challenges and provided good performance.

In this system, there are 2 main equipments, Vertical cuttings dryer and High speed decanter centrifuge. Among all solids control and waste management equipments, these 2 equipments mostly show the producing capacity of the manufacturer.




  1. Vertical cuttings dryer is the world advanced equipment. Years before, only several US and European companies designed the cuttings dryer, and some of them are not so efficient. GN Solids Control is the first Chinese company who designed the vertical cuttings dryer, and never stops improving the performance. Unless some suppliers’ cuttings dryers, which could only be used or OBM, GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer could be used for both WBM and OBM, and also SBM.
  2. GN’s best seller product is GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge, it uses the international best material to have stable performance and longer service life. It has been used in more than 60 countries in world and customer feedback is satisfactory.

What to know more? Welcome to visit GN near Beijing Airport, China.



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