Dec 14

Not too long ago, GN Solids Control‘s Engineer has just finished commissioning in NSW Australia for a 500 GPM mud cleaning unit. This mud system is used for HDD rig. To make the unit with easy transport by customers request, GN Solids Contorl makes it with hydraulic jack up mud tank.

The mud cleaning system consists of one linear motion shale shaker as first stage cleaning and followed with a 3 in 1 mud cleaner( desander, desilter and under flow shale shaker)

GN Drilling Mud Systems are widely used for Oil Gas drilling mud circulation,Horizontal directional drilling mud recycling,geothermal drilling,mining,coal exploration drilling,water well drilling etc.GN Solids Control has experience for drilling mud cleaning solutions in all kinds of drilling.GN drilling fluid system is turnkey solution with first time commissioning service,training up of users engineer for operating the mud  system.

GN Solids Control has compact design mud systems widely used in HDD, CBM and NO DIG & PILING. We have sold out numerous 500 GPM Mud systems to Australian market. Many repeat orders proves the performance of GN Solids Control equipments.


written by GN Shale Shaker

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