Jun 07

The Hi-G drying shale shaker is usually used in drilling waste management for water based mud. It has a high G force to dry the waste disposals. After the treatment of Hi G dryer shaker, the drilling cuttings disposed has a liquid content of 20%.

The GNZS594HGE-LD shale shaker is a long deck dryer shaker. The long shaker deck can have a better performance on drying the drill cuttings. This shale shaker has a total treating capacity of 616 GPM. It has a G Force no more than 8 G. Famous vibrating motors have IEC Ex certified for option. All the electrical components are from famous brand with reliable performance like SIEMENS and Schneider brand. GN Solids Control’s shale shaker bottom deck is made from stainless steel for longer service life. This dryer shale shaker has 4 panel shaker screens. These shale shaker screens are totally the same size with MI Swaco Mongoose Screen. They are totally inter changeable. GN Solids Control’s this shale shaker screen is a good replacement for Swaco mongoose screen. We have composite screens with good quality and longer life.

The Hi G drying shale shaker is a good choice for water base drilling mud. Besides this GN also has vertical cuttings dryer both for oil based drilling mud and water based drilling mud.


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