Jan 20

Horizontal Screw Centrifuge, is shortly mentioned as decanter centrifuge, is widely used for many different industries for separation. GN Solids Control has been manufacturing decanter centrifuges for years, at first, those horizontal screw centrifuges made by GN Solids Control were designed for oil and gas solids control projects, then, to be used in waste management projects for both drilling cuttings and drilling fluids. In recent three years, such centrifuges are also used for oily sludge separation works.

Clients from different industries who trusted GN Solids Control are using GNLW decanter centrifuges in different projects, and GN Solids Control is also exploring more applications for GN centrifuges. Meanwhile, GN is designing different models for decanter centrifuges, not only different sizes, but also different slope angles… to meet more applications.
Recently, a client has tested his material with a GNLW Decanter centrifuge and the feedback is more than satisfactory. This customer’s work is to treat aluminum hydroxide slurry. His aluminum hydroxide slurry has a concentration from 8% to 10%, and their aim is to remove water from the aluminum hydroxide mixture and enhance the concentration up to a high level from 60% to 80%. In the raw material, there are alumina in fine particles and also dissolved sodium nitrate in water. After strict test with real material, GNLW series centrifuge could fully meet the desired separation standards.
Based on requested treating capacities, GN has various centrifuge models from 9 inch diameter centrifuge bowl to 30 inch diameter bowl, designed at high speed or mostly variable frequency. If you or clients have similar projects which are in need of such centrifuges, please contact GN directly, GN professional engineers would help with choosing a suitable centrifuge model. GN also have centrifuges suitable for beverage treatment, oil separation, food industry and etc.


written by shale shaker

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