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GN Solids Control is foremost manufacturer from China specialized in spend management equipment and system. GN Solids Control (US brand GN Solids America) owns a good name inside worldwide for drilling waste management equipment. It is located in Beijing China and Harrisburg, USA. It is mainly stated in China but joint technological know-how with U. S major company.
GN Solids Control promoted drilling cuttings renforcement unit for some years. And still have rich experience on style and design and manufacturing drilling cuttings solidification unit. GN maintains upgrading the design to make it ideal for more applications and more user friendly.
Main applications of drilling cuttings solidification unit

1) From this article you can see from the name, a drilling cuttings solidification unit is used to treat the drilling cuttings from oil and gas drilling field. It can treat often the cuttings from high H shale shaker, from usable cuttings dryer, from drilling waste high speed centrifuge
2) There is also some clients use the drilling cuttings renforcement unit for cuttings via solids control shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge. As the fluids contend can be regular higher in this kind of cuttings, more cement or substances may be used to make the cuttings dryer
3) There is also some customer want to use to the drilling cuttings solidification unit for drilling mud or drilling liquids, or the sludges in mud pit or waste abyss. This application is not advised from GN Solids Control. As the fluids content is quite high in these conditions, it really is normal very flowable. First of all, the drilling cuttings renforcement unit utilize screw conveyer to transfer the cuttings, these materials with a lot higher fluids, it is not easy regarding auger transfer. Secondly, an increased content of cement and also chemical should be added to the particular system in order to get a just simply relative dryer condition.
Because the drilling cuttings solidification product is mainly used to treat the particular drilling cuttings, it is generally together with below equipment:
1) High G drying shaker
2) Vertical cuttings dryer
3) High speed decanter centrifuge


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