Dec 27

By end of this year, GN will arrange shipment to an Africa company a whole set of liquid mud plant.  This liquid mud plant is ordered by a drilling company and will serve for 3 land rigs. That means, this 7 tank liquid mud plant have storage capacity for supply drilling liquid for 3 rigs.

Liquid mud plant is commonly used in drilling rig jobsites for water base mud and oil base mud, and also suitable for synthetic based mud. And their main function is to storage, mixing and sometimes further treating the drilling mud.  Not only drilling companies, but also the drilling liquid companies also use LMP, which is short for liquid mud plant.

GN liquid mud plant for Africa

GN liquid mud plant for Africa

What does this LMP have?

  1. 7 mud tanks for storage and mixing the mud, those mud tanks are equipped with rain shield and compactly located.

  2. 21 sets of mud agitators for mixing and stirring the drilling mud from settling.

  3. 21 sets of 360 degree rotary mud guns for helping the mud agitators to keep stirring the drilling mud.

  4. 2 sets of skid mounted jet mud mixers with hopper and centrifugal pumps. Also a shear pump is installed on the skid.

  5. On top of the hoppers, there is a frame and track for electric hoist, which is designed to carry the chemicals for the hoppers.

Each liquid mud plant is different from each other, and each customized designs depend on the jobsite layout of rigs and other things. But their main equipments are nearly same. In some drilling liquid or mud companies, their LMPs also have centrifuges for further treatment for drilling liquid. Because their drilling mud are mostly from drilling rig jobsites’ solids control systems. Sometimes, the drilling mud is not so ideal and need to further separation. For making such centrifuges, GN is also very professional. If you have interest, welcome to visit our website for centrifuges.


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