Jul 24

GN shale shakers and mud cleaner to Asia

Comparing with the Middle East and South America, Asia seems to have less oil reserve. But Asian market has never been quiet for GN Solids Control. Not long ago, a customer from Turkey ordered several sets of equipments for his solids control and drilling cutting waste treating system. And such equipments have been shipped to the jobsite last week.
Those equipments are of similar group, they are GNZS594E-HB linear motion shale shaker, GNZS594HGE-LD high-G drying shaker, and GNZJ594E-2S12N mud cleaner. All those three are designed based on same shale shaker. By ordering shale shaker, high-G drying shaker and mud cleaner with same shale shaker, the operator can enjoy following facilities:

1. GNZS594 series shale shakers use same shaker screens, it is easier and more economic for the operator to order and keep screens for spare parts.

2. GNZS594 series shale shakers are 4-panel screen shale shakers, use high quality shaker screens, such screens are designed with composite material frame, with better performance and longer service life.

3. GNZS594E-2S12N mud cleaner is easily to be modified into a single shale shaker by removing the desander and desilter. The structure of hydrocyclones are screwed onto the shale shaker, easy to install and remove.

4. GNZS594 series equipments share same other spare parts also, every rubber spring, guide bushing and even small nuts and bolts.

5. GNZS594 series 4-panel screen shale shakers have larger screen area up to 2.73 square meters, which enables them a larger capacity.

6. For GNZS594E, high force can be up to 7.5G, for GNZS594HGE drying shaker, high G force can reach 8.5G.


Besides 4 panel series shale shakers, GN also have 3 panel for option, with screen area 2.63 square meters. May you have interest or need more info, contact us at: renee@gnsolidcontrol.com


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