Mar 22

Mud cleaner is a combination of desander, desilter and shale shaker. GN Solids  Control optimized its mud cleaner to make it easily transformed to a shale shaker by remove the upper part of desander and desilter cones assembly.  And all the shakers can be easily become a mud cleaner by install on the upper cones assembly.

GN Solids Control’s new model GNZJ594 series mud cleaner uses GNZS594 shale shaker as the bottom shaker. This shale shaker uses same as MI Swaco Mongoose composite screens.  The shaker deck is adjusted electrically and mechanical adjustment is available for back up. GN Solids Control mud cleaner used 4″ cones for desilter and 10″ cones for desander.

Mud cleaner is used for second and third phase cleaning in a mud system. The 10″ desander cones can remove particles larger than 45 microns and the desilter cones can remove particles larger than 20 microns. The under shale shaker uses a fine mesh shaker screen for further speparation  to separate larger particles allowing only barite size particles to pass through the screen returning and recovering then the clean mud.

GN Solids America LLC. has mud cleaner stocked in Houston TX. It’s available for inspection and fast supply. Please contact our American office at +1-713-878-0880 for more info.


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