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Although the whole China will probably be on holiday for the coming one week, GN Solids Control is busy for an urgent get of a mud plant such as 4 tanks and mixing equipments. Those cargoes are usually scheduled to deliver to the reloading port during the National Moment of China.
Besides mud plant and its mud agitators, mud guns and jetting mud hoppers, GN Solids Control also exported to help South America many other tools for solids control along with drilling waste management in coal and oil drilling industry.

mud mixing tank
Why the actual South American companies decide on GN Solids Control since supplier?
Because of the geographic cause and the economic reasons, as well as because most of world Top solids control manufacturers are through USA, the South Usa companies always share very same standards with US companies as necessary.
What models of equipment are usually popular in South America?
1 . GNLW series decanter centrifuges are always the most popular solutions among the end users, especially often the GNLW363 high speed decanter centrifuge. For the same size decanter centrifuge, GN has 4 recommended models, high configuration and also standard configuration, for each settings, there is both VFD operated and fixed speed available. This particular model is suitable for both solids control and waste management.
GNLW452 is also a popular product, which is big bowl centrifuge perfect for barite recovery.

centrifugal pumps

2. GNZS series shale shaker and high G blow drying shaker. GN’s shakers managed with high quality material and good structure of shaker terrace, in order to stand the high R vibrating force from the well-known motors and a longer product life.

3. GNCD930 Series up and down cuttings dryer, which was new items 3 years ago, but now seems like to be an essential equipment in the complete waste management system, used before the decanter centrifuge. GNCD930 has higher turning speed and a better performance following the third time of advancement in design, and it is ideal for both oil based mud in addition to water based mud. It really is well proved by numerous jobsites inside and outside The far east.
South American companies are certainly not the only oversea market regarding GN Solids Control, the truth is in the past several years, GN tools are widely used in more than 70 countries and regions and be more and more welcomed by prospects.


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