Sep 02

GN Solids Control, as 1st API certified manufacturer in solids control in China, was also first China supplier who designed and produced 1st set of Made-in-China vertical cutting dryer. After years of further design and experience both in lab and on job sites, GN has accumulated lots of new ideas and feedbacks, all of them are quickly transferred into new design. Now GN has designed and put into market the newest 3rd generation vertical cutting dryer.

It’s not an easy way to get to this success. Comparing with last 2 generations, this new vertical cutting dryer GNCD930C has below features:

  1. Longer service life ensured by high-chromium iron made discharge scraper of GNCD930C.

  2. GNCD930C vertical cutting dryer is equipped with high quality air knife to give a strong blow on screens, in order to avoid blocking.

  3. Besides dynamic balancing as a whole, each interchangeable part has been tested for dynamic balancing in order to insure the balance after maintenance.

  4. New generation GNCD930C is equipped with a Netsch pump

    GNCD930C in waste management system

    GN vertical cutting dryer

    for flushing to avoid solids particles from settling and blocking the machine.

  5. Independent oil system cooling method for GNCD930C, enable GNCD930C to work under high temperature.

  6. For this newest generation GNLW930C, we have fixed speed and VFD available. And GNCD930C uses positive pressurized control panel as VFD control panel.


GNCD930C Vertical cuttings dryer was well tested, in factory, and in large oil field working site also. It is suitable for treating not only OBM and SBM, of course for WBM, too.

And High-G drying shaker especially for WBM in a waste management system is also in GN’s products line. May you have interest, pls contact me for further information.


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