Nov 17

In the past 12 years ever since GN Solids Control has established in year 2007, GN’s main equipment has been covering from only solids control equipment to more applications related to separation and conveying. Since last year, GN Separation and Conveying become more and more influential and this year, GN Separation and Conveying has entered India by attending an Environment Protection Show IFAT in Mumbai.

Talking about environment protection, as individuals, we can do it in 2 ways, one is to restrain oneself by using less energy and give the environment lighter burden, the other is by reducing the existing damage to the environment. GN Separation and Conveying has come up with various proposals for such industry which are proved to be successful in many cases.

In order to reduce the pollution meanwhile not increasing the cost, we must differentiate the good things from the bad ones, for example, in case of oily sludge, there are oil, water and contaminated solids are mixed together. If they are dumped together as a whole, it requests more energy for transportation and need larger space. But if they are separated to the minimum before dumping, the useful material could be reused while the waste could be more safely discharged. During this whole procedure, mostly used equipment are mainly in 2 groups, for separation and for transferring.

For this IFAT Exhibition in Mumbai, GN Separation and Conveying has shown one main equipment for separation, the decanter centrifuge which is quite efficient for solids and liquid separation, and also 2 conveying pumps, a movable vacuum pump and a centrifugal pump.

Besides those 3 equipment, GN has a complete line of equipment for separation, and various pumps. For separation, GN has shale shaker, high G shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, desander cones, desilter cones, different sized decanter centrifuges and disc stack for three phase separation. For transferring, GN has various pumps like centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, submersible slurry pump and etc. Besides, the screw conveyors are also quite common for transferring material inside a complete system.
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written by shale shaker

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