May 19

Shlale shaker is the most improtant equipment for a drilling fluid recycling system as the first phase cleaning. GN Solids Control is one of the leading manufacture for shale shaker in the world and we bring GN shaker to OTC exhibition in Houston with a great success.

GN Double Deck Shaker

The double deck shaker always working for larger capacity or shaker and desilter combination. There are different design for double deckshaker. KemTron Tango shaker is a double deck with top and bottom same area size. GN top deck is smaller than the bottom deck and it make the bottom deck is visable to check screen performance and more convenient for replace shaker screen.

GN Hi-G shaker

The Hi-G shaker always working on drilling wastement with longger shaker deck to drying solids. GNZS83-3 shaker is a best choice for the Hi-G shaker with 3 pc shaker screen. This screen width is longger than other brand which make the total 3 pcs screen is longger than Brandt or Derrick with bigger screan area. As it’s wedge type screen, 3 pc screen make the effective screen area is larger for better performance

GN Single Deck Shaker

GN singgle deck shaker have 2 or 3 pc screen deck depending on mud capacity requirement. For oil and gas drilling, clients will need atleaset 3pc screen deck shaker. For HDD/CBM drilling, some clients will choose the 2 screen deck shaker to meet their requirement but save cost

For OTC exhibition, GN brings some shakers to GN stand to show with a great success. Please contact us freely for inqury.


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