Jan 12

What is a solidification unit? As its name, a solidification unit’s function is to reduce the moisture of some material, to get it dryer, or change it from liquid to solid. A GN Solidification unit is designed originally for the final treatment of drilling cuttings discharged from the vertical cuttings dryers and decanter centrifuges which are used for drilling cuttings separation.
Normally, the OBM drilling cuttings from a drilling cuttings vertical cuttings dryer is already quite dry, with oil on cutting only 0.5%. But still, it is not clean enough to be disposed, cause the cuttings then are still a little bit wet and with lots of active agent in it. A solidification unit’s function is to get the active agent into inactive, in order to allow the cuttings to be safely disposed. GN Solids Control has put the solidification unit into market for several years, and has sold it to both inside China and abroad.
GN Solidification Unit has following features:

  1. GN Solidification Unit is suitable for both oil based mud and water based mud cuttings.
  2. GN Solidification unit is easily operated by VFD controlled, easily to adjust the input capacity and chemical usage capacity.
  3. GN Solidification unit could work automatically and continuously.
  4. By using the solidification unit, the cuttings could be buried directly in most of jobsite, or being made into bricks for roads.
  5. Comparing with other solutions, the solidification unit is less expensive.
    Talking about other solutions, GN Solids Control, as a professional separation solution provider, has other solutions available, for example, the thermal desorption unit. And all above mentioned equipment used for such separation, as the shale shaker, mud cleaner, and solids control decanter centrifuge, and in a waste management system, for both cuttings treatment and fluids, there are vertical cuttings dryer, chemical dosing, oil water separation and inclined clarifier.
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