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Shale shaker screen is a wearing part of shale shaker. Hebei GN Solids Control has his own screen factory manufacture screens for world famous shakers and GN Shale shakers.  It’s a total area 20,000 square meter factory with a big production ability. GN screen factory manufactures about 5000-8000 pcs screens monthly.

The main shale shaker screen brand GN manufactures are like Derrick shaker screen, NOV Brandt shaker screen, MI-Swaco shaker screen, Kemtron shaker screen, GN shaker screen and more. Screen type includes hook strip flat screen, Steel frame screen, Pyramid screen, hook strip soft screen etc. Screen mesh varies from API 20 to API 400.

It’s really easy to place an order with GN Solids Control. The following guides you how to order with GN Solids Control on their shale shaker screens. It’s five easy questions to make you place an order with what screens you want.

Factor 1:What Screen Dimension?Specify Shaker Manufacturer & Model?(Well-Known Shaker)Specify Shaker Screen Dimension & Picture?(Not Known Shaker)
Factor 2:What Screen Type? PWP for “Hook Strip Flat Screen” Or PMD for “Hook Strip Pyramid Screen” Or PTC for “Steel Frame Screen”
Factor 3:What Screen Mesh/API No./Cut Point? Give us inquired screen Mesh? Or Screen API No.?” Or Screen D100 Cut Point?

Factor 4:What Qty for each item?
Factor 5:Purchase Schedule & Shipment Option?

Hebei GN Solids Control sold out about 50000 pcs screens every year to the world wide market. Many of them are world famous brand shaker screens such as derrick, mongoose and swaco. The end users give us a highly evaluation on our screens. GN Solids Control keep improving their processing art and design to make their screens better and better. Please contact us for more info.


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