Jun 21

A decanter centrifuge is wide employed in solids management systems and drilling waste management on drilling field site. The condition of disposed solids initiating from the centrifuge will be controlled by changing the pool depth.
If you would like the disposed solids a lot of dry you’ll alter the fluid adjustment plate at the large end of the bowl to form the poop depth lower. after you change the pool depth to all-time low position you may get the foremost dry solids disposed. On the opposite method if you would like the disposal a lot of wet you’ll alter the pool depth to the deepest position then you’ll get the foremost wet solids. The treating capability of the decanter centrifuge will be additionally affected by alter the pool depth. once the pool depth is highest, the treating capability is biggest. after all the important treating capability of a decanter centrifuge is additionally vary with totally different property of fluids. the most parts have an effect on the treating capability is solids content and consistency.

new design centrifuge
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