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Decanter Centrifuge is widely used in solids control and drilling waste management. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of decanter centrifuge. GN has a wide range of centrifuges from low speed to high speed. The most popular model is GNLW363. It’s widely used all around the world.  GN’s new design centrifuge set the 2 motor at one side and make it plat form.

Function of Decanter Centrifuge:

  • Separator fine solids. The separation point can be 2-5 microns.
  • Recovery barite with middle speed centrigue.
  • Drilling waste management.

Decanter centrifuge are used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil-based drilling fluids (muds). Mechanical energy is utilized to increase the gravitational force exerted on solids that are present in the mud system.oilfield Decanting Centrifuge are able to apply over 3,000 G-forces on the liquid/solids mixture, which separates the heavier solids from the lighter solids. Additionally, high G-forces separate fine solids from liquid.
Mechanical separation of solids from the mud system through the use of a decanter centrifuge is a highly-effective means of maintaining proper mud weight and viscosity. When used in conjunction with other Solids control equipment, decanting centrifuge enable users to maintain the mud properties within the prescribed range as per the drilling program.

Features of GN Decanter Centrifuge:

  • Southwest Petroleum University Technology Support
  • High Speed up to 3200RPM & Variable Speed by frequency converter
  • The main body of the decanter centrifuge made from stainless stee: SS304/SS316/Titanium Alloy
  • The screw propeller made from stainless steel (SS304/SS316) protected by Tungsten carbide alloy or Ceramic
  • Solids discharge stainless steel protected by high-chromium iron
  • Solids Liquid separation system package available
  • Germany FAG/SKF brand bearings
  • Eletrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider/ABB

GN Solids Control has exported over 500 units decanter centrifuge all over the world. GN Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge is an ideal choice for solids control and drilling waste management.


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