Mar 08

As the professional turn-key solution provider, GN Solids Control has provided mud recycling system and slurry separation system to many different applications including oil and gas solids control, drilling mud waste management, oily sludge separation, HDD, CBM and TBM.
All drilling or boring works are based on similar working procedure, as they all use a media for drilling, which is called drilling mud. And when the mud is out, it brings out a lot of drilling cuttings like sand and soil. An efficient mud separation unit can help to remove the cuttings to the most and save as much as drilling mud for future reuse. In order to achieve good goal for different applications, GN has designed and applied to different industries.

  1. For piling: for the piling works in cities, GN Solids Control has a series of compact desanding units for option. Those desanding unit are mainly equipped with a double deck shaker, with 2 steps separation: a lower deck shaker and a desander or desilter. And the optional capacities are 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM. With a catch tank on below, it can be used continuously at piling site.
  2. For HDD: for the horizontal directional drillings, which are mostly for the pipeline laying work, GN has provided to market self-contained mud recycling units, fitted with shake shaker, desander and/or desilter and mud mixing unit and mud tanks with necessary storage volume.
  3. For TBM. For the big TBM projects, normally they need 3 steps separation: the shale shaker, desander cones and desilter cones. Recently, GN Solids Control designed a series of quite suitable system for such TBM projects, and before the shaker, for choosing out the big rocks and particles, GN designed a coarse shaker before the normal shakers, and in layout, it is quite compact for both transportation and operation.
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