Oct 26

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with former name Tangshan Guanneng Mechinery Equipment Co., Ltd. GN Solids Control has whole series of solids control equipments. Equipments used in oil and gas drilling, CBM( coal bed methane), HDD( Horizontal directional drillng) and DSS( dredging slurry separation) and driling waste manaement.
Shale shaker is the first stage solids control equipments. GN Solids Control also has Hi-G shale shaker used in drilling waste management for drying drilling waste. Hi-G dryer shaker is used for water base drillin waste. It can dry the waste very well. GN Solids control’s Hi G Dryer is used composite shaker screen, which has long life. This screen is changeable with Mi Swaco Mongoose Screen.


At the second stage of solids control system there is desander. And third stage desilter. GN solids control has soly desander or desilter without underflow shaker with different numbers of cones to meet different treating capacity. GN Solids Control also has mud cleaner with both desander cones and desilter cones with shale shaker beneath. For GN Solids control desander cones uses 10 inch and 4 inch cones for desilter.

The fourth stage of solids control uses centrifuge. Centrifuge can separate more fine solids. GN’s decanter centrifuge can separate 2-7 micron solids. Centrifuge is also used in drilling waste management. GN also has vertical cutting dryer for oil base mud in drilling waste management. The vertical cutting dryer is warmly welcomed by a worldwide customers since it’s meet the market last year. GN Solids Control’s vertical cutting dryler tested to be performed stable.

Other equipments GN Solids Control manufactures are mud gas separator, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pumps, submersible slurry pump, screw pump, shear pump, mud agitator and mud gun, flare ignition device etc.
GN Solids Control’s whole series solids control equipments exported to over 60 countries with good quality and performance. Many custoers come to us with repeated rders. GN Solids Control is pushin GN Solids to a world famous brand in solid control industry. Please contact us for more information.


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