Feb 12

A Chinese new year just started in February and the first exhibition GN Solids Control will attend in the Chinese New Year will be PetroTech, which is to be held in India, in the neighborhood of China.
India is adjacent with China on China’s south border, and both China and India have a large population and rich oil reserve in Asia, only second to the Middle East countries. Also, India is a large market and consumer for oil and gas drilling equipment. GN Solids Control has been cooperating with leading Indian drilling companies for a long time and GN Solids Control is the most popular brand from China in India, ranking among USA brands. Each year, GN will provide for Indian market several sets of complete solids control systems, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuges, various pumps and batches of shaker screens.
This time, for this exhibition, GN will bring following items to show to Indian clients:

  1. GN Shale shaker, GNZS-703F, a high performance shale shaker equipped with 3 pieces of composite material frame shaker screens, the total screen area is 2.63 m2 and the G force produced by the OLI vibrators are adjustable up to 7.5G. Shaker deck is made of stainless steel for stronger structure and GN’s unique screen changing technic greatly facilitated the operators.
  2. GN Vacuum Pump GNSP-10A. it is a new product GN has put into market in the recent 2 years. The first set was a bigger one with 40 cbm per hour capacity, and later GN has designed and put into reality the smaller ones, GNSP-20A and GNSP 10A, with wheels to be movable. These pumps can handle material with high solids content up to 80% and solids particle size only limited to the hose diameter.
  3. GN Centrifugal pump is brought to this exhibition too, one of the full series models. GN has a full range of centrifugal pump models from 11kw to 75kw, covering nearly all needed models in oil and gas drilling industry.
  4. Shaker screen samples of different models are to be brought to this exhibition too.
    GN’s booth number would be D4.

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