May 10

Last week, another landmark of GN Solids Control was achieved, that GN started the construction of new office building which located in Yutian New Factory.

Yutian is also located in Hebei Province and it is not far from the existing 2 factories GN owns now. GN Solids Control chose it as the location of GN’s 3rd factory to enable the company to reach a new level with most advanced producing facilities.
Precisely spoken, it should be GN Solids Control’s 4th factory ever since its establish in year 2007 in Tangshan City of Hebei. At first, just like all other private owned companies, it was not so big, having only a small yard for fabrication and 2 offices. But even though, GN Solids Control had set eyes on the international standards, and has devoted itself to making the high quality equipment to meet the international markets.
Five years later, in year 2012, GN moved from the old factory to where its headquarter location now. And from year 2007 to year 2012, GN has become the 1st API Certified solids control company in China and developed its first vertical cuttings dryer.
In year 2015, GN started the 2nd factory in the same industry zone as the headquarter, and expended the production ability by starting a separate workshop for rotating equipment like decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer and centrifugal pumps, and also another workshop with welding and cuttings robots for shaker screens.
Now the 3rd factory is under built and the area of the 3rd factory is even bigger than the 2’s sum-up. In the 3rd factory, GN will have all the workshops to be developed into a new level and a most advanced painting line added.
A new start, a new level, GN will make it.


written by shale shaker

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