May 14

This is another May, with fully blossomed flowers and bright sunshine. The city famous of oil and gas technology, the Houston City in Texas, USA, held again the OTC Oil Show. As usual, one of the biggest oil shows in the world attracted exhibitors all over the world with their newest technologies, and attracted the visitors from big players in this industry.
As one of the leading solids control and waste management solution provider, GN Solids Control and GN Solids America both attended this year’s OTC and showed their best seller equipment and newest designs of the year.
In this year’s OTC, GN has 2 stands, one is at Center No. 4361 and the other at Arena 8341. In those 2 stands, same as before, GN showed the new products and new designs. But the core equipment are designed with new improvement, while the newly designed equipment are soon becoming well known to the market.
This year, GN has brought to OTC following equipment:

  1. GN Shale shaker and high G shakers. By using 2 sets of electrical vibrator with a total power lower than 4 kw, the shale shaker takes the heaviest burden for separating the most of cuttings. Per shaker screen quantity, GN shale shakers are designed in several models: GNZS752 with 2 screens, GNZS703 with 3 screens, GNZS594 with 4 screens, and GNZS706 with 2 layer deck and 6 screens.
    Among those shaker models, there are normal shakers with 7.5G G-force and high G shakers with G force up to 8.5G.
  2. GN Decanter Centrifuges, GN has a full range of decanter centrifuge from 9 inch diameter bowl to 30 inch diameter bowl. Based on different applications, with different requests of cleanness and dryness, GNLW series decanter centrifuges, although those with same bowl diameter, are designed with different cone angles.
    Besides the traditional equipment, this year, GN also brought to OTC new products like ViST Vacuum Shaker Device and the newly improved vacuum pumps.

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