Oct 30

As one of the leading brands among solids control manufacturers in the world, GN Solids Control is quite popular in many countries, including India. India has a high standard for choosing machines, and seldom Chinese solids control brands could be accepted by Indian market. Recently, GN Solids Control just delivered to India 2 sets of Tri-Shaker Units, together with 2 sets of mud cleaners with large capacity for oil and gas drilling industry.

Shale shaker is the first separating machine in a complete mud recycling system, which are used to separate the largest proportion of solids in the drilling fluids. By using the correct mesh size, a shaker can choose out all particles larger than 100 microns. GN has 2 models popular for oil and gas drilling, respectively with 4 pcs and 3 pcs of shaker screens, with capacity of 140cbm/hr and 120cbm/hr.
Normally, the 1 shaker solution is only suitable for small work-over rigs in oil and gas industry. Most of drillings require larger capacity, which means, at least 2 or 3 shakers are needed. In practice, end user can choose to locate 2 or 3 shakers together on the tank, with one big distributor to lead the fluids evenly to the 2 or 3 shakers. Also, end user can choose to locate the shakers on 1 skid, we call it twin shaker or tri-shaker unit. In this way, the total space is smaller and easier for end user to transport them or locate it as a whole at jobsite, for serving a big capacity.
Recently, GN just finished the manufacturing for 2 sets of such tri-shaker units for an Indian client, and for matching this capacity, they choose a mud cleaner with 3 desander cones and desilter cones. Desander cones are used for separating out particles of 40 microns, with 10 inch diameter cyclone, while desilters are of 4 inch diameter, for separating out particles larger than 20 microns.

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