Mar 08

GN Solids Control is a leading brand in the world for the solids control and drilling waste management equipment and systems. GN’s product range covers the full package of necessary equipment for separation, from the shale shaker which is the first step for separation, to the oil sludge separation disc stac, GN Solids Control could meet all your need. Even the poor boy degasser and the flare igniter located before the shale shaker, are both in GN’s product scope.

GN Vacuum Degasser

Just recently, GN Solids Control just finished the production of several mud cleaners and a vacuum degasser for a client in Middle East. GN has been providing to Middle East market for more than 10 years. Since the very beginning of GN Solids Control’s establishment, GN has win the trust of clients from Middle East by the high quality equipment. Now GN Solids Control has provided products to more than 70 countries in the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Holland, Poland, Canada and USA.
GN Vacuum Degasser: it is a highly cost-effective degasser, which is self-contained. Comparing with the US designed degassers, this vacuum degasser doesn’t need a large power centrifugal pump for feeding. And normally it is located after the shale shaker and before the mud cleaner, by removing the gas in the mud, it helps to protect the centrifugal pumps for feeding the cyclones.
GN Centrifugal Degasser: besides vacuum degasser, GN Solids Control also has another degasser type, the centrifugal degasser, which is more compact and need smaller footprint.
And for the safety applications, GN Solids Control also has poor boy degasser available.
For the separation equipment, GN has shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and disc stac, and also their feeding pumps. Welcome to contact GN for more information.


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