May 31

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the first API Certified solids control equipments manufacturer in China. GN is experienced in producing mud cleaning and recycling systems for oil and gas drilling, HDD and CBM drilling. We can provide our customers with easy solutions for drilling mud solids control.

Mud Plant

Nowadays GN Solids Control receives a US Customer inquiry on GN1000GPM Mud recycling system. This system will be used in oil drilling site for drilling mud solids control. GN Solids Control proposed a 5 tanks system for this customer. One trip tank and 4 mud tanks. There is also a pill tank on the second mud cleaning tank. The first mud tank is configured with 2 shale shakers, 1 desander, 1 desilter and 1 vacuum degasser. The second tank has a centrifuge on the suface and a pill tank on it. The 3rd and 4th tanks are mud mixing and storage tank configured with jet mud mixers. The whole system is GN Solids Control’s standard configuration. We make a lot of such mud systems for oil and gas drilling.

We have hydraulic jack up mud systems and trailer mounted mud systems available. These systems are easy transport. Why not contact us for a drilling mud control solutions?


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