Nov 26

GN150GPM mud recycling system has be improved to be more impact for fast moving. GN Solids Control has been working for drilling mud recycling system for 5 years and have a separate devision for Horizontal Directional Drilling rig.

GN150GPM mud system configuration

1) GNYS852 shale shaker with 4 no desilter cyclone
2) SLH100-25 jet mud mixer for mixing mud
3) 5m long mud tank with compact design including mud recycling and mixing fuction
4) 1 set mud gun and tank attachment

Superiority of GN150GPM mud system

1) It’s very compact design and equipment will stay on tank while travelling, walk way and handrail will be folded on tank side within Australia Road Regulation
2) Max treating capacity reaches to 200GPM
3) This is a mud recycling and mixing combination system which is defference with other brand mud system may only recycling or mixing
4) Reasonable price compared with US equipment and top configuration for 150GPM capacity

GN have been sales to Australia for 150GPM mud system as well as other size like 500GPM or 100GPM standard modle.HDD drilling mud system is one of a leading industry for Australia drilling which will meet GN production area very much. Please contact GN Solids Control freely for inqury.


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